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What to do After a Car Accident

What To Do After a Car Accident - An image of two cars involved in an accident with both drivers discussing the incident.

Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. At GoAuto Insurance, we know accidents are incredibly stressful, so we ensure you have the proper knowledge to handle the situation safely and calmly. As a driver and passenger, use the list below as a step-by-step guide if you ever find yourself in a car accident:

Call 911 to Report the Accident

No matter the severity of the accident, always call the police. Whenever the 911 operator answers the phone, notify them that you have been in a car accident and provide the location of the accident as precisely as possible. Whenever the police officer arrives, be prepared to complete a written statement explaining what happened. Be as detailed as possible because your insurance provider may request a copy of the police report to assist with the claims process.

Ask the police officers for their names, badge numbers, and police report number. The police report will be a vital document to have when filing a claim with your insurance provider.

Check for Injuries

Even if you feel fine, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess yourself and any passengers for cuts, bruises, or signs of discomfort. Avoid moving anyone with a significant visible injury, as this could worsen the situation and cause further complications.

Be aware that some injuries, like whiplash or a concussion, may not present symptoms immediately, so it’s important to continue monitoring yourself for a few days after the accident.

Move Vehicles Out of Traffic

If and when it is safe, move your vehicle to the shoulder of the road. This will prevent further accidents from happening by providing space for incoming traffic to pass through. It will also ensure the safety of those involved in the accident. Once you have moved your car, turn off the engine and enable the hazard lights to inform other drivers that you are stopped.

If the accident is severe and you cannot move your car out of the road, leave the car where it is and get yourself to a safe spot.

Exchange Information and Document the Scene

While you are waiting for the police to arrive, begin documenting the scene as best as possible. Collect the full name, phone number, license plate number, and insurance provider of all drivers involved in the accident. When receiving the driver’s insurance information, be sure to take note of the company name, policy number, and phone number.

Take pictures of all cars involved to document any damages that may have occurred. These pictures can be of major value to you when filing an insurance claim or taking legal action.

Notify Your Insurer and Begin the Claims Process

Even if the accident is not your fault, it is advised that you make a report to your insurance company. Filing a claim will open a case for potentially obtaining compensation for any damages or injuries.

Here at GoAuto Insurance, we make filing a claim fast and easy with three different options:

  • Call: Our customer service team is ready to help you navigate from beginning to end of the claims process or answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 833-700-0000.
  • Click: Submit a claim by visiting our website or downloading our free mobile app in the App Store or Google Play. Chat with customer service or access your account at your convenience to make payments, get a quote, or report a claim.
  • Come by: We love getting to know our customers and are here to help in person at any of our locations. Find your nearest location and come by to file a claim and make payments.

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