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Tips for Parents During National Youth Traffic Safety Month

Posted By: Admin | Date Posted: Apr 11, 2024

Tips for Parents During National Youth Traffic Safety Month

National Youth Traffic Safety Month is observed throughout the month of May with an effort to spread awareness about road safety. Each year, statistics of teenage car accidents continue to rise. Therefore, it is important for parents to engage and reinforce safety tips to their teenage drivers.

Lead by Example

As parents or guardians, actions speak louder than words. Set a positive example by practicing safe driving habits, especially whenever your teens are riding in the car with you. Be sure to follow the speed limit, avoid distractions such as texting and driving, and always wear your seatbelt. Distractions are a leading cause of accidents among drivers of all ages but can be especially dangerous for new drivers. Encourage your teen to minimize distractions while driving by putting their phone on silent, keeping music at a reasonable volume, and refraining from eating or drinking behind the wheel. Your teen is more likely to imitate your behavior, so make sure it’s a good one.

Establish Clear Expectation

Sit down with your teen and establish clear rules and expectations regarding their driving privileges. Develop conversations about curfew, passenger limits, and consequences for violating any rules set in place. Establishing and enforcing these rules can help your teen understand that great responsibilities come with driving.

Additionally, discuss risky behaviors such as speeding and driving under the influence. Emphasize the importance of making responsible decisions behind the wheel and the unfortunate outcomes of reckless driving.

Continue to Practice

Stay actively involved in your teen's driving journey even after they obtain their license. Continue to ride along with them and guide them through various driving conditions, such as driving at night, on busy highways, and throughout inclement weather. Offer feedback and address any areas for improvement. As you introduce them to more challenging situations, they will be able to obtain more confidence behind the wheel.

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