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How to Safely Share the Road with Large Vehicles

How to Safely Share the Road with Large Vehicles - An image of an eighteen wheeler driving down the highway.

Every time you hit the road, you share it with a wide array of vehicles, from compact cars to large 18-wheelers. No matter what size vehicle you are near, it is imperative to stay alert to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Each time you get behind the wheel, consider the following tips to safely share the road with large vehicles:

Avoid Blind Spots

Large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, have more extensive blind spots than the average car, making it more challenging for them to see smaller vehicles on the road. To ensure your safety, the general rule is that if you cannot see the driver in their side mirrors, they cannot see you either. It is best to remain out of those blind spots by either accelerating or decelerating to move away from these areas.

Give Them Space

Maintaining a safe following distance is essential when traveling amongst large vehicles. Because of their size and weight, large vehicles need more room to come to a complete stop. It is recommended to stay at least four to five seconds behind any large vehicle. This ensures you have enough time to react in case of a sudden brake or any other unexpected event.

Be Cautious During Turns and Lane Changes

More space is required for large vehicles to make turns and lane changes. If you notice a truck or bus with its turn signal on, be patient and allow plenty of room. Refrain from attempting to increase your speed to get in front of the vehicle. Instead, slow down and let them completely maneuver safely.

It is common for drivers to misjudge the turn radius that large vehicles may need. They need multiple lanes to make a turn, and their rear wheels often take a wider path. Don’t attempt to pass them on the inside while they are turning, as this can lead to a collision. Be patient, and wait for them to complete their turn before proceeding.

Stay Alert and Avoid Distractions

Being a focused driver is your best defense against accidents. Keep your attention on the road, and do not engage in activities that can divert your focus, such as texting or making phone calls. Distracted driving is a risk not only to you but also to those sharing the road with you.

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