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How to Safely Handle a Tire Blowout While Driving


Driving can come with unexpected challenges anywhere, at any time. One challenge that every driver hopes to avoid is a tire blowout. A sudden loss of tire pressure can be a frightening and dangerous experience, but with the proper knowledge and tips, you can safely navigate yourself through it. If your tire ever blows out while driving, consider the following tips:

Stay Calm and Keep a Firm Grip on the Steering Wheel

The moment you realize you are experiencing a tire blowout, it is important to stay as calm as possible. It is easy to panic when things go wrong, but this can increase the chance of an accident happening. Firmly grip the steering wheel with both hands to maintain control of your vehicle.

Do Not Slam on the Brakes

Once you notice a blowout is happening, do not slam on the brakes. This can make your vehicle unbalanced and more difficult to control. Immediately take your foot off the accelerator and slowly begin to press on the brakes.

Move out of Traffic

As you are slowing down, begin to assess your surroundings in search of a safe place to stop your vehicle. The shoulder of the road or a nearby parking lot are the most ideal spots. As you are nearing your stop, avoid abrupt turns and swerves that may increase the severity of the situation.

Turn on Hazard Lights

Once you have come to a stop, turn on your hazard lights to make yourself visible to other drivers on the road. This signals that you are experiencing an issue and helps create a safer environment around your vehicle.

Change the Tire or Call for Assistance

If it is safe to do so, change the damaged tire if you have the proper equipment with you. It is always a good idea to travel with a spare tire and tools to change a tire at all times. If you are unable to change the tire yourself, consider calling roadside assistance. Professionals can meet you at your vehicle to change your tire or assist you in getting a tow to the nearest tire repair shop.

To avoid blowouts, ensure that checking the tire pressure is part of your regular car maintenance routine. Not having enough air in your tires or failing to rotate your tires often can cause numerous tire issues, including blowouts. You should also avoid carrying heavy loads that may be too heavy for your tires. If your vehicle is pulling a heavy trailer, make sure that your tires can handle the weight of not only your vehicle but also the trailer.

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