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How to Practice Highway Etiquette for Premium Safety

How to Practice Highway Etiquette for Premium Safety - An image of cars driving on the highway during Autumn.

Practicing highway etiquette for premium safety is invaluable in a world of aggressive drivers.

While there are laws enforced by the government dictating how we should drive, there is also another set of road rules that are mostly unspoken. Sometimes these laws overlap with the government’s laws, but unfortunately, not everyone follows them.

Learn how to reduce stress on the road by practicing highway driving etiquette with the following tips.

Follow the Highway Speed Limits:

As you’re beginning to merge onto the highway, make sure you start getting up to speed. This can be somewhat difficult to master, especially for new drivers. However, it’s important that your vehicle is going at the same speed as traffic on the highway, so you don’t create congestion. If you don’t adjust your speed, this can not only delay your arrival to your destination, but it also forces other drivers to abruptly slow down or change lanes, which can cause an accident. Always pay attention to highway speeds and adjust accordingly.

Allow Cars to Merge:

While it’s important to drive the same speed when trying to merge, it’s also critical to let others merge onto the highway when the situation is reversed. If you’re driving on the highway and see someone trying to merge, try to safely switch lanes so you can leave the lane open for them to merge into. Be prepared to speed up or slow down to allow other people to enter the highway in a safe manner.

Prepare to Exit:

The law clearly states that you are supposed to use your turn signal when approaching your exit, so there is enough time to alert others to move over. This allows ample time to get into the exit lane in preparation for the correct exit. Pay attention to road signs, so you know where you need to get off. When you aren’t paying attention or aren’t aware your exit is approaching, you may put others in danger trying to reach your exit in time. Try to refrain from quickly crossing multiple lanes of traffic. Instead, accept that you might miss your exit, and turn around as soon as you have the chance.

Understand the Lanes:

Many people don’t know that the far-left lane on the highway is actually a passing lane, not a speeding lane. It should only be used when passing a slower-moving driver. Once you’ve passed the car you’re trying to get around, you should automatically move back into the right or center lanes. Always be considerate of others on the road and make sure other cars are able to pass you, too. The different lanes should not be treated as a racetrack.

Keep a Steady Pace:

Some cars on the highway will be going slower or faster than others. With how many drivers there are in the world, it’s bound to happen. To maintain the safety of you and everyone around you, try to identify the flow of traffic and follow its patterns. Slowing down or speeding up can significantly impact the flow of traffic and create congestion on the roads. Instead, try to maintain a steady speed that matches other drivers around you.

Stay on Top of Your Car’s Insurance:

While these are just a few tips on how to stay safe in highway traffic, make sure that you’re also prepared against accidents or theft by having the right car insurance. Start saving money and have superior customer service on car insurance by a company that only sells car insurance.

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